Horizontal Floor Shredder

Overview Configurations Specs Literature Corrugated and Folding Carton Shredders BloApCo’s popular floor shredder measures up to the needs of corrugated and paperboard industries with a growing range of configurations. Well-equipped for effective shredding performance and pneumatic removal of shredded scrap, no other shredder line comes close to this performance and reliability. BEST USES Shredding Cores Crushing and Shredding Boxes Feeding and Shredding Corrugated sheets of any width INDUSTRIES Corrugated Paperboard Folding Carton MATERIALS Corrugated Sheets Roll Slab Cores and Carton Scrap for Folding Carton Manufacturers Polycoated and Multi-Ply Materials for Converters Specialty Papers: Mimeo, Newspapers and Cigarette/Tipping Paper Horizontal Floor … Continue reading Horizontal Floor Shredder