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Sheredders to keep the waste area clean of roll slab, peel wrap and sheet waste; Trim Cutters to remove edge-trim from production lines.

Distribution Center

Eliminate jams and ensure your production area is always clera of old corrugated containers (OCC). Increase bale density and lower haul-away costs.


Manufacturing plants have numerous forms of waste and BloApCo has a system that can handle whatever your facility might have.

If your company needs to dispose of paper, foil, light metal, wood pallets and skids or plastic, one of our systems can provide the answer. Designed and built in our Germantown, WI, plant, our products fall into two main categories — shredding and trim handling systems. All BloApCo shredders use our patented “Pierce-and-Tear” shredding concept. Ripping teeth, mounted on three shafts, counter-rotate at different speeds to “Pierce-and-Tear” material into irregular-sized pieces which can be conveyed easily into hoppers or deposited into balers, packed into refuse hoppers or into self-contained energy-generating systems.