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Managing Common Sources of Waste in Manufacturing

Throughout the manufacturing process, waste is inevitable. Even before any work is started, raw materials arrive in shipping containers and protective packaging. From there, the materials undergo various treatments and processing procedures to prepare them for the next steps in the manufacturing process. Once thats finished, theres usually some material waste from grinding, sanding, or other machining tasks.

The first step in minimizing waste is by re-thinking your shipping methods. Consolidate packages when possible, and try to get them all shipped together to save time and fuel.

Another measure is recycling materials at every stage of manufacturing  including shipping. Reuse as many boxes and packing materials as you need for your own packaging and delivery operations. When you start to notice excess Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) taking up valuable real estate, stop wasting that space by breaking down and recycling those boxes.

Industrial shredders are available that can take care of just about any waste handling need, including corrugated materials. They are ideal for manufacturing plants, warehousing facilities, and distribution centers. Balers are also a good idea, since they take the shredded bits and compact them for easy storage and removal.

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