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Solving your OCC Problems

If you operate, manage, or work in a retail distribution center, youre probably very familiar with the break, pack, and repack function. Disposal of old corrugated containers, or OCC, is a process that soft good/apparel stores, drug stores, and contract repacking companies all have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of the more common problems associated with OCC disposal and recycling include:

“A slow OCC line that causes picking lines to end up compromised, impeded, or even shut down

“More employees must be hired just to break down boxes

“You have to take workers off other duties to do the risky job of putting boxes in a baler or compactor

“Compactors and balers jam due to inefficiently broken down OCC containers during peak periods of the day

All of these problems at a retail distribution center result in loss of time, productivity, and money. In addition, there is a booming market for recycled OCC in the U.S. and overseas, so speeding up your OCC disposal and recycling will not only save you money, it can also add income to your operation.

The solution to these problems lies in becoming proactive. You can save time and money by installing a piggyback shredder ( in addition to your existing baler or compactor.

One thing is for sure; things won’t get better until you get ahead of an OCC disposal problem. So if this dilemma sounds familiar to you, contact one of our OCC experts at BloApCo and they will be able to custom tailor a solution for you.

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