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BloApCo is a seasoned problem solver.

BloApCo’s scrap and waste handling systems are durable, dependable and custom-designed for each client.

Blower Application Company, Inc., headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin – USA, has been working with customers around the world since 1933 and solving a wide variety of waste and scrap handling problems. Our founders, Charles H. Jackson and William T. Kussmaul, were both over 60 years old when they pooled their extensive experience in pneumatic conveying and other uses of air in industrial processes to form the company. From the day it was created, BloApCo’s growth has been based on providing quality innovative products and services to its customers. Today, whether you travel to Europe, Africa, Asia or North and South America, you’ll find dependable, durable BloApCo products hard at work.

If your company needs to dispose of paper, foil, light metal, wood pallets and skids or plastic, one of our systems can provide the answer. Designed and built in our Germantown, WI, plant, our products fall into two main categories — shredding and trim handling systems. All BloApCo shredders use our patented “Pierce-and-Tear” shredding concept. Ripping teeth, mounted on three shafts, counter-rotate at different speeds to “Pierce-and-Tear” material into irregular-sized pieces which can be conveyed easily into hoppers or deposited into balers, packed into refuse hoppers or into self-contained energy-generating systems. Our shredders handle corrugated paper, polycoated paper, wooden pallets, 50-gallon drums and 8-by-8-inch blocks of wood. BloApCo shredders can handle a corrugated box a second; a stack of eight plastic molded chairs takes 15 seconds and a nest of several (more) fiberglass hulls or decks for water jet skis takes about a minute to destroy. Our largest shredders, using the same patented “Pierce-and-Tear” ripping action, can shred entire car bodies and chassis, including the engine block. BloApCo shredders offer several unique advantages, setting them apart from competitors:

  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION — It requires much less horsepower to tear apart scrap than it does to cut, beat or shear, lowering operating cost.
  • LESS NOISE — High torque and low speeds provide BloApCo with the quietest shredder available operating below 80 dB.
  • LESS DUST — Pulling the material apart at very slow speeds produces minimal dust, prevents throw-outs and eliminates potential fires.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE — “Pierce-and-Tear” technology utilizes low RPM ripping shafts that eliminate machine vibration, giving the longest component wear-life over any other shredding technology.

Safety devices include automatic jog reverse and overload relays and a safety overweight plate built into the head end of the infeed conveyor, cutting power whenever loads over 60 to 80 pounds reach the area. BloApCo trim handling systems incorporate trim cutters, material handling fans — coupled with pneumatic handling equipment — to efficiently collect clean, valuable scrap for recycling or reprocessing. Our pneumatic waste and scrap handling systems move the material to a central collection point for recycling or reprocessing. BloApCo cyclones (equipped with built-in filters) pay for themselves by returning conditioned air back into the building.

Aside from “put-’em-in-and-forget-’em” dependability, BloApCo systems are quiet and energy-efficient. Our durable low-horsepower, high-torque shredders, for example, run for years, yet are backed by solid service, if needed. Some of our shredders remain in production after more than 25 years. Regardless of your company’s waste or scrap handling needs, BloApCo’s six decades of experience in meeting — and exceeding — customer expectations is ready to work for you.