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BloApCo heads to SuperCorrExpo 2016 in Orlando

BloApCo on Display at ICE USA 2015 in Orlando

BloApCo at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago

Shipping Wine Direct to Consumers

Many states already allow wineries to ship directly to customers, but there are a few hold-outs. Massachusetts is among those, but that might soon change. As it stands, wineries within Massachusetts cannot ship their wine to any other state, nor can any consumer buy wine from any other state. If the amendment before the state passes, consumers will have a lot more choices and freedoms when purchasing wine. Of course, there are stipulations, buyers must be 21 or over and have an ID when signing for the wine, and there is a limit to how much wine can be shipped […]

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BloApCo at Corr Expo

This September 28th to October 1st, we will be attending Corr Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Corr Expo is the annual event dedicated to the corrugated packaging industry. It will feature highlights of supplier innovations, educational programs and several keynote/industry speakers. This year will feature topics covering adversity, stories of success, and industry outlook and forecasts. Corr Expo will also feature events throughout the week. On September 28th, the 2014 Corrugated Classic will take place at the Trump National Golf Club. A reception will follow to give out awards and even cash prizes! On […]

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Carboard Composting

We all receive packages in cardboard boxes, and we may reuse them ourselves or may simply place them in the recycling pile. But did you know that those boxes can be used for composting? Jodie Anderson, a soil scientist, has shown that hot composting can do wonders for the soil. In her native Alaska, there are so many cardboard boxes that there are literal box-burning nights. She has been visiting many towns and helping to convince them their gardens can use the soil amendments from those boxes. Curious how to create your own compost pile out of your old cardboard […]

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New Technologies and Trends Taking Over Major Retailer Distribution Centers

Some of the biggest innovations taking over the retail space lately wont be ever seen by customers. Yes, online shopping is steadily picking up pace, but its not the only development working its way through industry. Energy efficiency is the new black and retailers are working hard to stay ahead of the trend. But its not just about stores changing out old light bulbs for more efficient varieties; retail distribution centers are increasingly rolling out new updates to reduce their environmental footprints. In Freetown, Massachusetts, a Stop & Shop distribution center is welcoming new legislation designed to reduce or eliminate […]

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What’s Old is New Again – A Reminder to Recycle in Honor of Earth Day

Get Ready for The Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth

For those of us serving the supply chain industry, excitement is building for the newest expo in this sector MODEX 2014. Hundreds of industry thought leaders will be attending this show, which includes 120 on-floor seminars, keynotes from figures including the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Delta Airlines, as well as numerous educational sessions. And of course, one of the main benefits of attending is the opportunity to network with other industry professionals. MODEX 2014 is sponsored by the Material Handling Institute (MHI), which is an organization that promotes connection and growth among material handling companies. While […]

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How Amazon is Working to Streamline Deliveries

Solving your OCC Problems

If you operate, manage, or work in a retail distribution center, youre probably very familiar with the break, pack, and repack function. Disposal of old corrugated containers, or OCC, is a process that soft good/apparel stores, drug stores, and contract repacking companies all have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of the more common problems associated with OCC disposal and recycling include: “A slow OCC line that causes picking lines to end up compromised, impeded, or even shut down “More employees must be hired just to break down boxes “You have to take workers off other duties to […]

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It’s Crunch Time for Retailers and Distribution Centers Nationwide

Manufacturing Day An Opportunity to Reevaluate Your Manufacturing Process

Join Us at CorrExpo 2013 This October

The fall season is quickly creeping up on us, and were looking forward to welcoming it with the CorrExpo 2013: Where Ideas Turn into Innovation. Well be exhibiting at booth #507 from October 7-9, 2013 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, IN. The event brings together professionals in the corrugated packaging industry and includes educational programs and supplier exhibits. This is an annual event presented by TAPPI. CorrExpo uses a combination of expert speakers, panel discussions, and informative workshops to tackle some of the most pressing issues in the corrugated industry. Its a great opportunity to network with everybody from […]

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Gearing Up for Fall with PACK EXPO

As summer begins to wind down, we start looking ahead toward fall. An annual season staple for those of us working in packaging-related fields is the PACK EXPO. The show is an opportunity for packaging companies, packaging equipment manufacturers, and other businesses to come together to showcase their wares. In addition, potential clients from just about every industry have a chance to review suppliers and find the perfect solutions for their needs. When most people think of a packaging exhibition, theyre typically thinking of flexible packaging manufactures, or corrugated box makers. In reality, all of the industries that rely on […]

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Managing Common Sources of Waste in Manufacturing

Throughout the manufacturing process, waste is inevitable. Even before any work is started, raw materials arrive in shipping containers and protective packaging. From there, the materials undergo various treatments and processing procedures to prepare them for the next steps in the manufacturing process. Once thats finished, theres usually some material waste from grinding, sanding, or other machining tasks. The first step in minimizing waste is by re-thinking your shipping methods. Consolidate packages when possible, and try to get them all shipped together to save time and fuel. Another measure is recycling materials at every stage of manufacturing  including shipping. […]

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Benefits of Pierce and Tear Shredding Procedure

Notice Something Different?

Not only does this year mark our 80th year, it has also begun with a significant change for BloApCo: a complete overhaul of our website. On the redesigned website, you will find that our Product Selector Guide and Application Selector features allow you to find the perfect product for your needs. Simply plug in the size and type of material that you are using, and the website will direct you to the best possible waste handling solution. We will also give you the option to leave your email address so that one of our engineers can contact you quickly with […]

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80 Years of Evolving Waste Disposal Systems

Bringing Top of the Line Supply Chain Solutions to ProMat 2013

BloApCo at the Trade Shows

October was a busy month for us here at BloApCo, bookended by two of the industry’s largest trade shows  starting off with SuperCorrExpo in Atlanta, Georgia, and then PackExpo at the end of the month in Chicago, Illinois. We exhibited our scrap and waste handling systems at both conferences. SuperCorrExpo brought in approximately 300 exhibitors, presenting cutting-edge technologies and opportunities to leverage in the global corrugated industry. As always, it’s a great time for us to meet colleagues, learn, and ultimately display our one-of-a-kind shredder products for old corrugated containers (OCCs). Our popular horizontal floor shredder is unrivaled for […]

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What’s with the Cardboard box?

Of all the things the general public takes for granted, we think it’s safe to assume the cardboard box may fit into that category of not getting a second thought, right? However, what may at first seem like a mundane topic actually has a rich history of development and growth; the history of paper-based packaging was influenced by a number of sectors, including commercial, transportation, government, and military developments, and has been instrumental in mass marketing and distribution. At BloApCo, we’re aware and appreciative as we’ve grown alongside the corrugated box that launched the packaging industry and now accounts for […]

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