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BloApCo heads to SuperCorrExpo 2016 in Orlando

Occurring only every four years, SuperCorr 2016, the largest corrugated industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere, runs from October 17th to 20th at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, FL. SuperCorr allows industry professionals a hands-on look at the latest technological innovations that can improve their operations.

At Booth #1855 BloApCo will display its industry leading scrap and waste handling systems, highlighted by its Trim Cutter and Material Handling Fan product lines.

BloApCo Trim Cutters enable corrugated manufacturers to remove edge trim from production lines, maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages and allowing machinery to run at full speed. They cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct.

BloApCo Material Handling Fans and Conveying Systems are the primary components of highly efficient, fully integrated pneumatic scrap removal systems. BloApCo fans are built tough to take the impact abuse and erosive wear that result from large quantities of various materials passing through the fan housing. The built-tough design features include oversized shaft diameter and hub, heavy duty bearings, continuous welded construction, and a 4-bolt radial flange bearing to provide stability.

BloApCo also custom designs and manufactures horizontal floor shredders of varying configurations that handle roll slab, peel wrap and stacks of sheet waste of all sizes.

We look forward to seeing you Booth #1855!

BloApCo on Display at ICE USA 2015 in Orlando

BloApCo is displaying its Trim Cutters and Material Handling fans at the ICE USA 2015 show, February 10-12 in Orlando. ICE, short for International Converting Expo, is a biannual trade show for the paper converting industry, showcasing the latest converting machinery and technologies on display from over 350 leading suppliers.

BloApCo is highlighting its Trim Cutters and Material Handling Fans at Booth 225 at the Orange County Convention Center.

BloApCo Trim Cutters enable continuous web manufacturers, slitters and converters to remove edge trim from production lines, maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages and allowing machinery to run at full speed. They cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct.

BloApCo manufacturers a full line of Material Handling Fans and Conveying Systems for fully integrated pneumatic scrap removal systems. BloApCo fans are built tough to take the impact abuse and erosive wear that result from large quantities of various materials passing through the fan housing. The built-tough design features include oversized shaft diameter and hub, heavy duty bearings, continuous welded construction, and a 4-bolt radial flange bearing to provide stability.

BloApCo at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago

If you are attending Pack Expo, November 2-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago, be sure to stop by the BloApCo booth, #9526 on the East side, lower level. We will be featuring our industry-leading Trim Cutters and Trim Removal Fans. Trim Cutters are especially useful to paper, film and foil converters, allowing them to efficiently remove edge trim from production lines, maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages and allowing machinery to run at full speed. Trim Cutters cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct. Trim Removal Fans are used in air-trim systems to pneumatically move cut scrap efficiently in a duct system to the collection or disposal area. Continuous trims that are conveyed without cutting tend to twist and rope. This roping leads to balling of edge trim as faster and slower moving trims tangle and plug the duct. This plug could be anywhere in the scrap system. Non-tearable continuous trims being conveyed through a material handling fan wrap around the fan wheel, plugging and possibly damaging the fan. An efficient BloApCo-designed air-trim system uses less air and horsepower to move cut scrap material to the collection area, cutting your energy cost. Only PACK EXPO focuses on processing and packaging solutions while at the same time introducing you to technologies and ideas from all different industries. Its the one place you can discover innovations you didnt know existed and truly see what is possible. We hope to see you there.

Shipping Wine Direct to Consumers

Many states already allow wineries to ship directly to customers, but there are a few hold-outs. Massachusetts is among those, but that might soon change. As it stands, wineries within Massachusetts cannot ship their wine to any other state, nor can any consumer buy wine from any other state. If the amendment before the state passes, consumers will have a lot more choices and freedoms when purchasing wine. Of course, there are stipulations, buyers must be 21 or over and have an ID when signing for the wine, and there is a limit to how much wine can be shipped to an individual: 12 cases of wine, with no more than 9 liters per case, or about 12 standard bottles.

More interesting than the sale of wine is the affect it will have on the packaging industry and distribution centers. The amendment states that the boxes must be labeled to state that it is intended for someone of legal drinking age. Since there can only be 9 liters of wine per case, there will have special packaging to be able to hold that kind of weight. A standard bottle of wine is about 750ml, which allows 12 bottles per case. However, if a winery were to offer alternative size bottles, the packaging would have to accommodate that.

Distribution centers in other states may already be well prepared for shipping and receiving wine, but this may come as a challenge for those in Massachusetts. Temperature controlled storage and the ability for long term storage will be very important. Security and surveillance will also be very important, but should not be a problem for most distribution centers, which have other merchandise to care for as well. Most importantly though will be the proper handling of the wine. With the proper packaging, the wine will be able to withstand some rough handling, but care must still be given especially when loading the wine for transport.

BloApCo at Corr Expo

This September 28th to October 1st, we will be attending Corr Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Corr Expo is the annual event dedicated to the corrugated packaging industry. It will feature highlights of supplier innovations, educational programs and several keynote/industry speakers. This year will feature topics covering adversity, stories of success, and industry outlook and forecasts.

Corr Expo will also feature events throughout the week. On September 28th, the 2014 Corrugated Classic will take place at the Trump National Golf Club. A reception will follow to give out awards and even cash prizes! On September 30th, there will be a Gala at the Aquarium of the Pacific, which features over 11,000 ocean animals. In addition to access to the entire aquarium, the Gala will include appetizers and beverages. After the Aquarium, there will be a boat cruise fundraiser to benefit the ICPF, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation. And on Wednesday October 1st, there will be four local plant tours.

Training workshops will also take place throughout Corr Expo focused on optimizing plant operations and a calibration workshop.
This years Corr Expo will even feature a program for any spouses that may be joining the trip. From an opening night reception, to Windsor Tea on the Queen Mary and even a gondola ride, there is sure to be plenty to do.

We encourage you to stop by BloApCo at Booth 433. Come talk to us, we would love to meet you!

Carboard Composting

We all receive packages in cardboard boxes, and we may reuse them ourselves or may simply place them in the recycling pile. But did you know that those boxes can be used for composting? Jodie Anderson, a soil scientist, has shown that hot composting can do wonders for the soil. In her native Alaska, there are so many cardboard boxes that there are literal box-burning nights. She has been visiting many towns and helping to convince them their gardens can use the soil amendments from those boxes.

Curious how to create your own compost pile out of your old cardboard boxes? Follow Andersons advice and you’ll be well on your way.
Shredding up your cardboard is the first step, this in addition to woodchips would make a fine compost and you won’t need to add anything extra. Since composting will rob the pile of oxygen, it is recommended that the pile be damp. This also aids in the breakdown. You want to make sure that your compost isn’t too wet, or too dry.

Your pile should begin to get hot, up to 130 degrees within 48 hours. If the pile gets too hot, over 165 degrees, turning the pile should help bring the temperature down. You can then leave your pile for five days, before having to check the temperature again. By this time, your huge pile should have shrunk to half its size. Turning the pile every ten days for the next month, will keep the microbes inside of it very happy, and will make great compost for your garden.

The next step will test your patience, as you have to wait a year until the microbes inside of it will be of any benefit.
After this year long wait, your pile will be done curing. Compost itself can be a bit salty and may not go over well with certain plants, so it is suggested to mix it in with the soil when planting.

New Technologies and Trends Taking Over Major Retailer Distribution Centers

Some of the biggest innovations taking over the retail space lately wont be ever seen by customers. Yes, online shopping is steadily picking up pace, but its not the only development working its way through industry. Energy efficiency is the new black and retailers are working hard to stay ahead of the trend. But its not just about stores changing out old light bulbs for more efficient varieties; retail distribution centers are increasingly rolling out new updates to reduce their environmental footprints.

In Freetown, Massachusetts, a Stop & Shop distribution center is welcoming new legislation designed to reduce or eliminate food waste by setting up an on-site system that generates power from spoiled food. The warehouse and distribution center serves more than 200 Stop & Shop locations in New England, and covers more than 1 million square feet of space. Such a major operation requires a major amount of electricity, totaling 17 million kilowatt hours each year. Once the new food-to-energy system is in place, it is expected to provide about 40% of that power demand. The facility will be just the second of its kind in the United States, with the only other similar system located in California.

Walmart distribution centers have also been making headlines lately thanks to their own growing commitment to green energy. The mega-brand has increased its investment in hydrogen fuel cells, which are being used to power electric lift trucks in six of their North American distribution centers. Plug Power is the selected provider for Walmarts fuel cell infrastructure, and the brand is well-known for their material handling options. The company is also expanding beyond the warehouse, with new applications for fuel cell power constantly being found.

Were interested to see what other new developments come out of the material handling sector over the next few years. Were also happy to do our part to increase efficiency in distribution centers by installing scrap and waste handling systems that save energy and improve working conditions for staff members. Learn more about our energy efficient scrap handling systems for warehouses online. For more information, please feel free to contact us or reach out via Twitter.

What’s Old is New Again – A Reminder to Recycle in Honor of Earth Day

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22nd, the time is ripe for a recycling reminder. With natural resources being stretched thin to accommodate growing populations, the need to recycle is greater than ever. But what can be recycled, and how can you go about doing it?

One company that has been making great strides in recycling is TerraCycle ( This company enlists the help of nonprofits and schools to collect reusable materials, and then turns those discarded products into something new. TerraCycle upcycles items (keeping the original materials intact, and simply sewing or fusing it with other materials to create something new), and also recycles materials, turning them into entirely different products.

One brand that has gotten attention for its collaboration with TerraCycle is Capri Sun. When school groups create a Drink Pouch Brigade ( and turn in empty pouches, they receive a cash incentive and the pouches get turned into tote bags, folders, backpacks and more.

TerraCycle creates much more than school supplies, however. They also turn old discarded products into fences, cleaning supplies, outdoor benches, planting pots and boxes, and more. The finished products can be purchased from major retailers including Walmart and Target, as well as online. The company makes use of scrap metal, plastic, and natural fibers to create the new items.

BloApCo supports recycling efforts by shredding and baling discarded materials for easy handling. Corrugated board represents the bulk of material we work with, since its so often used in shipping and packaging. With such high volume and demand, recycling is vital to ensure a steady, sustainable supply. This Earth Day, we urge retail distribution centers to take a look at their waste handling procedures and find new ways to make them even more eco-friendly. Ensure that all recyclable materials are undergoing the correct process to get the most out of those items. Corrugated box shredding and recycling is one of the biggest steps you can take to lessen your environmental footprint.

If you’re looking for ways to boost efficiency in distribution center and paperboard plant facilities, be sure to contact us with your company information and requirements so that we can come up with a custom solution that fits your needs. We look forward to working with you to green your business.

Get Ready for The Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth

For those of us serving the supply chain industry, excitement is building for the newest expo in this sector MODEX 2014. Hundreds of industry thought leaders will be attending this show, which includes 120 on-floor seminars, keynotes from figures including the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Delta Airlines, as well as numerous educational sessions. And of course, one of the main benefits of attending is the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

MODEX 2014 is sponsored by the Material Handling Institute (MHI), which is an organization that promotes connection and growth among material handling companies. While MODEX is a relatively new event, with the first show taking place in 2012, it has grown considerably and has become a must-attend show for supply chain managers. The show is also being collocated with Supply Chain & Transportation USA ( which is billed as The Only One-Stop Source for Global Logistics Solutions. Registration is free for both events.

The expo runs from Monday, March 17th to Thursday, March 20th and will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. In addition to all of the features described above, MODEX 2014 also boasts recreational activities, including Industry Night at the Georgia Aquarium ( Guests will be able to interact and socialize in the company of about 10 million fish, which is sure to be an experience to remember.

For more information on this exciting show, please visit the website at You can also stay up-to-date by following the event on Twitter:

BloApCo will be exhibiting at Booth #3532, and we look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to connect with us on Twitter before, during, and after the show:

How Amazon is Working to Streamline Deliveries

One of the biggest stories from the 2013 holiday season wasnt about the gifts people received, it was the ones they didn’t. Delivery companies were inundated with packages and failed to deliver thousands of them. Some of these overdue packages did not arrive until after the New Year, leading to many disappointed customers.

As can be expected, this logistical issue adds to the desire of companies like Amazon to start handling their own deliveries. It just so happens that even before the holiday snafu, Amazon was working on a multi-pronged new type of delivery system. The plans include:

“Sunday delivery in a number of markets including New York and San Francisco (

“Amazon lockers, which are like automated PO Boxes (

“A new $200 million distribution center in Kenosha, Wisconsin (

“The much publicized Amazon testing of drones to deliver packages

The key with all these changes is to find a way to streamline the entire delivery process. It is hard to imagine completely bypassing well-known delivery companies in favor of an in-house offering, but that seems to be the goal of Amazon. Even without such an ambitious plan, its exciting to watch the online retail giant continue to grow. The Kenosha-based Amazon distribution center is expected to create 1,100 jobs by early 2015. That fact, combined with the additional delivery options on the table is a perfect example of how the U.S. economy is finally rebounding and investing in the future of shipping and logistics.

Solving your OCC Problems

If you operate, manage, or work in a retail distribution center, youre probably very familiar with the break, pack, and repack function. Disposal of old corrugated containers, or OCC, is a process that soft good/apparel stores, drug stores, and contract repacking companies all have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of the more common problems associated with OCC disposal and recycling include:

“A slow OCC line that causes picking lines to end up compromised, impeded, or even shut down

“More employees must be hired just to break down boxes

“You have to take workers off other duties to do the risky job of putting boxes in a baler or compactor

“Compactors and balers jam due to inefficiently broken down OCC containers during peak periods of the day

All of these problems at a retail distribution center result in loss of time, productivity, and money. In addition, there is a booming market for recycled OCC in the U.S. and overseas, so speeding up your OCC disposal and recycling will not only save you money, it can also add income to your operation.

The solution to these problems lies in becoming proactive. You can save time and money by installing a piggyback shredder ( in addition to your existing baler or compactor.

One thing is for sure; things won’t get better until you get ahead of an OCC disposal problem. So if this dilemma sounds familiar to you, contact one of our OCC experts at BloApCo and they will be able to custom tailor a solution for you.

It’s Crunch Time for Retailers and Distribution Centers Nationwide

As people around the country gear up for the approaching holiday season, retailers and distribution centers are already feeling the accompanying rush. From now until Christmas, we’re seeing a rapid increase in the need for industrial shredding and waste removal.

Each day, distribution centers and retailers are receiving major shipments of consumable goods. During the fall and winter seasons, these shipments are amplified to ensure shelves are constantly stocked with must-have gift items.

Every empty shipping box and container left strewn about the warehouse or stockroom floor takes space away from active inventory. If distribution centers can’t effectively clear Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) waste, they won’t have room for the new products coming in. This means that from now until Christmas, it’s crunch time  and not just from a selling perspective.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your scrap and waste handling systems and make the necessary upgrades and repairs. Each day over the next two months represents a peak in inventory stocking, so if you fall behind today, you won’t have time to catch up tomorrow.

OCC must be shredded, compacted into space-saving bales, removed from the floor, and then recycled. Any breakdown in this process will easily result in a back-up of materials, which will translate into down-time and lost sales that can quickly compound.

For more information about industrial shredding and waste handling, feel free to tweet @BloApCo with your questions and issues.

Manufacturing Day An Opportunity to Reevaluate Your Manufacturing Process

With fall now in full swing, tradeshow season has arrived. Another trademark of fall is the approach of Manufacturing Day, which is already here! October 4th is officially Manufacturing Day, with many people and places designating October as Manufacturing Month.

Manufacturers around the country are celebrating in various ways. Some are hosting open houses while others have created virtual tours. Another option is to see how far the manufacturing process has come, and reevaluate where it’s heading in the future.

Coming up with ways to improve sustainability is one approach to observing Manufacturing Day this year. One of the easiest ways is by analyzing your waste removal process and finding greener alternatives.

For example, in facilities that produce a lot of scrap material, incorporating a pierce and tear shredding method will improve energy efficiency thanks to low horsepower needs.

Sometimes, balers and compactors get jammed from Old Corrugated Container (OCC) boxes that are too large for their hopper openings. This is a waste of time and energy as machinery struggles to function against the jam. It also leads to unnecessary downtime as operations are stalled. Incorporating a pierce and tear shredder will help prevent this issue while allowing more material to be compacted into denser bales. And the denser the bales are, the fewer will need to be disposed of, which further saves resources.

For more information on improving waste handling this Manufacturing Day, visit You can also tweet us to let us know how you’ll be celebrating the day:

Join Us at CorrExpo 2013 This October

The fall season is quickly creeping up on us, and were looking forward to welcoming it with the CorrExpo 2013: Where Ideas Turn into Innovation. Well be exhibiting at booth #507 from October 7-9, 2013 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, IN.

The event brings together professionals in the corrugated packaging industry and includes educational programs and supplier exhibits. This is an annual event presented by TAPPI.

CorrExpo uses a combination of expert speakers, panel discussions, and informative workshops to tackle some of the most pressing issues in the corrugated industry. Its a great opportunity to network with everybody from buyers to suppliers. For BloApCo, its a chance to meet potential clients in converting and packaging plants for the processing of their corrugated scrap.

In addition to networking opportunities, CorrExpo also promises to be a fun and memorable experience. On Monday, October 7th, CorrExpo is hosting a golf tournament with an awards ceremony to follow. And on Tuesday, October 8th, guests will be treated to an evening gala at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Attendees will enjoy dinner followed by a lap around the track.

Interested participants still have time to register, and can do so online. Sponsorship opportunities are also available, with more information found on the website.

Be sure to stop by booth #507 to meet members of the BloApCo team and learn about our corrugated disposal methods. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gearing Up for Fall with PACK EXPO

As summer begins to wind down, we start looking ahead toward fall. An annual season staple for those of us working in packaging-related fields is the PACK EXPO.

The show is an opportunity for packaging companies, packaging equipment manufacturers, and other businesses to come together to showcase their wares. In addition, potential clients from just about every industry have a chance to review suppliers and find the perfect solutions for their needs.

When most people think of a packaging exhibition, theyre typically thinking of flexible packaging manufactures, or corrugated box makers. In reality, all of the industries that rely on these packaging and shipping materials are represented as well. PACK EXPO serves companies working in the automotive sector, food packaging, household goods, electronics, and more. Each of these companies requires protective solutions for their products, and these solutions are all found at the show.

In addition, businesses should also consider waste management solutions. All of that packaging material has to go somewhere at the end of its lifecycle, and industrial conveying systems and shredders can eliminate that extra bulk. And for packaging manufacturers, trim cutters can streamline operations by removing edge trim and moving it to a collection area for disposal. Its estimated that about 30% of manufacturers need a trim cutter.

To get in touch with packaging and equipment manufacturers, or industrial sales leads, be sure to check out PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013. The event is taking place September 23  25, 2013 and will bring together thousands of attendees representing more than 100 countries. For more information, visit

Managing Common Sources of Waste in Manufacturing

Throughout the manufacturing process, waste is inevitable. Even before any work is started, raw materials arrive in shipping containers and protective packaging. From there, the materials undergo various treatments and processing procedures to prepare them for the next steps in the manufacturing process. Once thats finished, theres usually some material waste from grinding, sanding, or other machining tasks.

The first step in minimizing waste is by re-thinking your shipping methods. Consolidate packages when possible, and try to get them all shipped together to save time and fuel.

Another measure is recycling materials at every stage of manufacturing  including shipping. Reuse as many boxes and packing materials as you need for your own packaging and delivery operations. When you start to notice excess Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) taking up valuable real estate, stop wasting that space by breaking down and recycling those boxes.

Industrial shredders are available that can take care of just about any waste handling need, including corrugated materials. They are ideal for manufacturing plants, warehousing facilities, and distribution centers. Balers are also a good idea, since they take the shredded bits and compact them for easy storage and removal.

What are the main sources of waste at your facility? Share your tips with us via Twitter:

Benefits of Pierce and Tear Shredding Procedure

No matter the industry, all business owners have to deal with waste. From sensitive documents, to shipping materials and packaging, to outdated office furniture, all of these things must be efficiently disposed of.

When most people think of shredders, they limit the scope to paper. In reality, there are different types of shredders that are capable of mincing things of all shapes, sizes, and materials. To put it into perspective, there are even shredders that can rip apart cars.

The key to this impressive destruction is using a pierce and tear technique. Ripping teeth are mounted onto shafts that rotate at different speeds to literally pierce, and then tear apart objects. To illustrate the concept, consider how much easier it is to rip off a piece of paper when theres a line of perforation. The small holes weaken the materials bond to itself, making deconstruction less labor-intensive.

This reduces the amount of energy needed for shredding, resulting in lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Slowly tearing apart materials also reduces the amount of dust and fly-away pieces. This makes it safer for operators and the surrounding area. And because there are no sparks from sawing, it also eliminates the risk of fire.

For places where noise is a concern, such as areas near housing or schools, the quietest industrial shredder available is a pierce and tear model.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the pierce and tear method is its speed. While the process works by slowly tearing apart materials, its actually a pretty quick result. It takes just 15 seconds to shred a stack of eight plastic chairs, for example.

Given its speed, efficiency, safety, and noise control, pierce and tear is an ideal option for waste disposal.

Notice Something Different?

Not only does this year mark our 80th year, it has also begun with a significant change for BloApCo: a complete overhaul of our website. On the redesigned website, you will find that our Product Selector Guide and Application Selector features allow you to find the perfect product for your needs. Simply plug in the size and type of material that you are using, and the website will direct you to the best possible waste handling solution. We will also give you the option to leave your email address so that one of our engineers can contact you quickly with more information. Our versatile products are used in many different industries; this new feature will allow our wide variety of clients to find the perfect scrap and waste handling systems for their needs, every time.

We’ve made some other changes to the website as well. You will find more information on each product so that you can thoroughly research at your convenience before purchasing. In addition, the overall navigation of the site has been streamlined, making it easier to find the product that best suits your needs. Thanks to these seemingly small changes, our customers will be able to access much more information about our products, in a much more efficient way.

80 Years of Evolving Waste Disposal Systems

2013 marks BloApCos 80th anniversary! You certainly don’t survive 8 decades in business without being able to adapt to a changing marketplace. We started out as a company that provided air blowers that dispersed debris, but we saw a growing market for disposal and recycling solutions as technology and packaging rapidly developed. And, we’ve continued to evolve when necessary ever since.

Shredders started out as cumbersome, hand-cranked devices that could shred paper but not much else. As times changed, so did shredders. What started out as a device mostly used in government offices, became an indispensable tool and a staple of many households. In this day and age shredders are the first line of defense against identity theft. Consumers use them to shred important documents, like bank statements, and protect their personal information.

At the same time, shredders also became useful for shredding materials other than paper. Today’s technology can be used to shred and dispose of plastics, corrugated boxes, sheet metal, and packaging of all kinds. If you’ve tuned into our social media accounts, you may have even seen recent news about shredders that are capable of disposing of automobiles and home appliances. The most important function of shredders today is to dispose of waste and keep the workplace and assembly lines running smoothly.

As the requirement for stronger waste management systems arose, BloApCo was there to serve our customer’s needs. We brought innovation after innovation to the marketplace. When current material handling fans couldn’t do the job, we made rugged fans that were much more durable. We introduced heavy duty shredders, trim cutters, diverters, and other products as the need arose.

At BloApCo we have always strived to bring the best possible waste disposal systems to the market. Back in 1933 we may not have predicted that people would one day be able to order products from massive online retailers with the click of a button, but our waste disposal solutions evolved to be able to shred and dispose of the astronomical amount of corrugated cardboard that the typical warehouse and distribution centers produce. We will continue to evolve along with our products, and we hope that in 80 more years BloApCo will be celebrating another anniversary.

Bringing Top of the Line Supply Chain Solutions to ProMat 2013

We are extremely excited for ProMat 2013, to be held on January 21-24 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. ProMat is the international event where companies gather to exhibit their latest innovations in manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain equipment. Businesses often come to the show with a few questions in mind; they’re eager to know how they can streamline operations, save money, and increase efficiency throughout the entire manufacturing process.

So, how can a company achieve all of those things? It’s easy – with waste management systems from BloApCo. Our products are perfect for improving safety and efficiency in retail distribution centers. Not only that, but they help save time and money as well. Disposing of trash quickly and efficiently is key to a speedy supply chain. Instead of shoving boxes into a baler and hoping that it doesn’t jam (again), the best solution is one of our piggyback shredders.

By shredding the old corrugated containers (OCCs) first, you can increase the amount that fits in the baler by as much as 5 times. This reduces baler strokes (which reduces energy bills) and ensures that the recyclable bales are denser and heavier. Now your company can get back the maximum value for your recycled materials and save on freight and transport costs. One company could fit up to 3,500 lbs of recyclable material in a shipping container before. Now, with a shredder added to their waste management system, they can fit 18,000 lbs. This means that for every five pickups they used to need, they now only need one.

So when you come to ProMat, drop by and visit us at Booth #205 in the South Hall. We are confident that we have the right waste disposal and recycling solutions for you.

BloApCo at the Trade Shows

October was a busy month for us here at BloApCo, bookended by two of the industry’s largest trade shows  starting off with SuperCorrExpo in Atlanta, Georgia, and then PackExpo at the end of the month in Chicago, Illinois. We exhibited our scrap and waste handling systems at both conferences.

SuperCorrExpo brought in approximately 300 exhibitors, presenting cutting-edge technologies and opportunities to leverage in the global corrugated industry. As always, it’s a great time for us to meet colleagues, learn, and ultimately display our one-of-a-kind shredder products for old corrugated containers (OCCs). Our popular horizontal floor shredder is unrivaled for performance and reliability. Our piggyback shredder comes in a range of types, sizes, and configurations. We also have warehouse shredders, made larger to lower our customers’ haul-away costs. We were able to present both the operational benefits and cost-savings that our range of products achieves in distribution.

At PackExpo, attendees were particularly interested in our trim removal and trim cutter products. We have over 80 years of experience working with the converting and packaging industries, so over time we’ve adapted our components to provide an integrated scrap and trim removal system that our customers love. Precision trim cutters, material handling fans and shredders operate together for maximum efficiency. Our scrap removal systems are suitable for paper, plastic, film, and corrugated materials. Conveying systems (bale transfer units, diverters, materials separators) and dust collectors can be incorporated as well.

And, speaking of our years of experience, watch this space for news of our 80th anniversary celebration, and more industry updates to come!

What’s with the Cardboard box?

Of all the things the general public takes for granted, we think it’s safe to assume the cardboard box may fit into that category of not getting a second thought, right? However, what may at first seem like a mundane topic actually has a rich history of development and growth; the history of paper-based packaging was influenced by a number of sectors, including commercial, transportation, government, and military developments, and has been instrumental in mass marketing and distribution. At BloApCo, we’re aware and appreciative as we’ve grown alongside the corrugated box that launched the packaging industry and now accounts for more than 90% of mass shipping material.