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Scrap and Waste Handling Systems for Manufacturing

BloApCo has been working with manufacturers around the world since 1933 solving a wide variety of waste and scrap handling problems. Manufacturing plants have numerous forms of waste and BloApCo has a system that can handle whatever your facility might have. From production scrap, used pallets and boxes, rejected and reclaimed product, plastic, fiberglass, light metal and even entire car chassis, BloApCo can handle it all.

BloApCo systems are installed in all types of plants and facilities, including manufacturers of aircraft, recreational products, automobiles, building products, construction and mining equipment, and home appliances.

BloApCo shredders offer several unique advantages, setting them apart from competitors:

  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION — It requires much less horsepower to tear apart scrap than it does to cut, beat or shear, lowering operating cost.
  • LESS NOISE — High torque and low speeds provide BloApCo with the quietest shredder available operating below 80 dB.
  • LESS DUST — Pulling the material apart at very slow speeds produces minimal dust, prevents throw-outs and eliminates potential fires.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE — “Pierce-and-Tear” technology utilizes low RPM ripping shafts that eliminate machine vibration, giving the longest component wear-life over any other shredding technology.

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