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Material Handling Fans


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The uniqueness and superior performance of BloApCo Material Handling Fan Designs have been proven over the years – worldwide. Few companies in the United States offer fans similar to BloApCo fans and none can match our endurance design.

Ruggedly Built for Impact and Wear

BloApCo fans are built tough to take the impact abuse and erosive wear that result from large quantities of various materials passing through the fan housing. Some of our built-tough design features include oversized shaft diameter and hub, heavy duty bearings, continuous welded construction, and a 4-bold radial flange bearing to provide stability.

No Vibration

BloApCo Material Handling Fan blades are dynamically balanced (GT) to close tolerances. This means that they won’t vibrate, even as material passes thru them, making it unnecessary to mount them on isolation pads. They don’t vibrate even when mounted from the ceiling on a pedestal.

Prevent Hang-ups

Our fan wheels macerate the conveyed material passing thru the fan while limiting the possibility of the material hanging up in the wheel.

Put ’em in and Forget ’em!

Our many smart design features and rugged construction give BloApCo Fans long life with the minimum of maintenance. At the heart of our design excellence is a unique shaft mount that outperforms and outlasts anything else in the industry by reducing overhung load and lowering shaft stresses.

Talk to an engineer at BloApCo about how our Trim Handling Fans, Trim Cutters and Shredders can be incorporated to form the perfect workhorse scrap handling system for your needs. Get the industry maximum in dependability and efficiency!

A Oversized Hub

B Rotating outlet

  • 360° at 22.5° increments.

C Special fan wheel design

  • All-continuous welded construction.
  • Certified, dynamically balanced and stress-relieved.
  • Non-clogging, with flared inlet, tapered fan blade and supporting back plate.

D Special heavy-duty blades

  • Angular blade construction adds efficiency.
  • One-piece spider gusset adds strength.

E Oversized chrome steel – centerless ground shaft

  • Eliminates shaft deflection under heavy loading.
  • Insures close tolerance between fan shaft, bearings and fan wheel.

The key to BloApCo efficiency and dependability

At the heart of BloApCo design excellence is a unique shaft mount that outperforms and outlasts anything else in the industry. It’s a simple fact  a fan with a low overhung load performs more smoothly and lasts longer. It all adds up:

  • Pedestal-mounted motor design extends V-belt life, keeping motor and fan shafts in close, rigid relationship.
  • Flanged bearings allow close placement of inside bearing to reduce overhung wheel load.
  • Oversized shaft diameter.
  • Oversized hub.
  • Heavy-duty, long-life bearings.
  • All continuous welded construction.
  • Certified, dynamically balanced fan wheel.
  • Back plate prevents clogging.
  • 4-bolt radial flange bearing provides excellent radial support when fan is conveying heavy offset loads. Pillow block bearings only provide stability in one direction.
  • The 4-bolt flange bearing provides a shaft seal where the shaft passes through the housing. Pillow block bearings cannot provide this seal.

F Heavy-duty flanged bearings

  • For long life.
  • Heavy surge loading.

G Unique shaft mount

  • Allows placement of the bearings close to the wheel and drive pulley, reducing overhung bearing and shaft stress.
  • Details on facing page.

H Exterior continuous welded fan housing

  • Provides years of extended trouble-free operation.

I Integral fan pedestal/motor mounting

  • Arrangement 9.

J OSHA approved belt guard


BloApCo’s low overhung load = low shaft stress & long bearing life

Other fans’ high overhung load = high shaft stress & short bearing life